Understanding Different Styles of Wakesurf Boards

November 05, 2015

Knowing which style of board matches your riding style is an integral part of the decision making process when buying a wakesurf board.  Do you need a surf style, skim style, or a hybrid? Watch this short, informational video to find out. 

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Best GoPro Mounts for Awesome Wakesurf Pictures

October 07, 2015

You’ve purchased a GoPro, but now what? We know that wakesurfing isn’t really wakesurfing if you can’t take epic pictures. If you’re struggling to take incredible action shots to share on Instagram, here’s a list of the best places to mount your GoPro to get you started. Before taking pictures while on the water, there are a few tips all aspiring GoPro photographers should know. Wipeouts are inevitable and to make sure you don’t lose your camera, be sure to attach a float to the GoPro and the mount. The GoPro Floaty Backdoor costs $19.99, and you can buy it here. We also recommend that you put Rain X on your camera to keep those pesky water drops off your...

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