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March 04, 2016

Every sport deserves a warm-up, even wakesurfing! We need to get our mind and body ready for the challenges ahead and protect ourselves from injuries. Stretching as part of a short warm-up routine can mean the difference between nailing that 360 and falling not-so-gracefully in the water.

Safety is tops when wakesurfing. Make sure you have the right boat and the right equipment to make the most of the sport. Think about investing in a proper first aid kit for your boat! Overall, wakesurfing is much safer than other watersports because:

  1. The speed of the boat is much slower, anywhere from 9-13 mph.
  2. Your feet aren’t trapped into skis or a board, making ankle and knee injuries less likely.

Even so, there are still risks involved. Stretching has proven to both relax the body and prepare it for the mix of movements that occur. At Doomswell, we’re doing our part to help you have the safest and most adrenaline-filled experience! Here’s a great stretching routine we recommend before starting your day on the water.

Quad Stretch

Stretch those quads first. This is the major muscle group (along with your hamstrings) that you’ll use to move along the board, balance, and recover from tricks. With your feet shoulder width apart, grab your right foot with your right hand and pull it back to your bottom. Stand up straight and put your knees together to get a really good stretch. Hold it for 30 seconds, then repeat with the other leg. 

  Hamstring Stretch

This stretch can be sitting or standing, but you tend to get better control and a deeper stretch while sitting. Sit down with your legs out front and feet together. Lean over and try and grab your toes. If you can’t grab your toes, no problem, just lean over as far as you can! Hold that stretch for 30 seconds. Bonus: this will also stretch out your back (if you do it right). 


Calf Stretch

Find a place where you have a slight ledge to stretch your calves. Make sure you have something to hold on to as well! Stand up straight with your toes on the ledge and your heels hanging off. Let your heels sink and hold for 30 seconds or until you feel a nice stretch in your calves. Not these kinds of calves...


Shoulder Stretch

Start your stretch by standing up straight with your shoulders relaxed. Reach your left arm up over your head, bend your elbow and reach down to your neck. With your elbow pointing up, slide your left hand down. With your right hand, grab your elbow and pull it to the right to feel the stretch in your shoulder. Hold for 20-30 seconds then repeat with the other arm, like good ole Jim Carrey here. 


Core Stretch

If you’ve done wakesurfing tricks before, you’ve discovered core strength is extremely important! Lay on your stomach and point your toes. Put your hands on the ground at your chest and push yourself up. Go as high as you comfortably can. Feel it stretch those ab muscles! Hold for 30 seconds.


  Movement Warm-Up

In addition to stretching, warming up by doing some cardio is a great way to prepare your body. You can really do anything you want, as long as your heart gets pumping and you get those endorphins flowing. You could jump in the water and swim for a bit or do jumping jacks, lunges, or squats.

Aim to do this for 10 minutes or so. The endorphins will help your mind to focus once you’re out on the water and will make your body more limber for pulling off incredible tricks and looking super rad. 

There you have it. Take 15 minutes to warm up your mind and body before hitting the waves. It will prove to be a much more enjoyable ( and safer) day!

Have fun!

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