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About Your Wakesurf Board

About Your Wakesurf Board


In case you were wondering (we know you were), here's what goes into making your wakesurf board:


Board Maintenance & Storage

Yes, your board is made to be enjoyed outside (obviously). But too much exposure to the elements, especially sunlight, can cause a lot of damage over time. When you're not using your board, it's important to store it safely!

When not in use, exposure to direct sunlight can severely damage your board, and overheating your board is not covered by our manufacturer's warranty

Here's what you need to know to keep your board safe from heat damage:

  • When not in use, never leave your board exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. 
  • We recommend NOT storing your board on the top of your Bimini. 
  • Always keep your board in a shaded area when not in use. At high temperatures the EPS foam core can become unstable which can lead to serious damage to your board.
  • A board bag is not meant and shouldn’t be used to store or transport your board in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. The bag cannot be guaranteed to protect from overheating and, can sometimes create a “oven” effect if left in hot car.

Basically, keep this in mind: If it is too hot for your dog, it is too hot for your surfboard. 


Fin Installation and Maintenance

This Board is equipped with Futures Fin system. See for more info. 

Keep your fins in good condition by removing and cleaning them after extended use. Always remember to secure all fins tightly to the board as loose fins can cause damage to the fin box and the foam core.

Always check your fins are secured before you go riding! For more info check out this video.


How to Repair Your Surfboard – Dings & Damage

Although Epoxy resin is very durable your surfboard may eventually become dinged or damaged.

When the outer epoxy skin is cracked or punctured it needs to be sealed from the elements, especially water from entering the inside of the board.

The best fix is to use Solarez sun cure epoxy resin. The resin comes in a tube and cures quickly in about 5 minutes in the sun. Its works great for small dings and cracks but if the ding is more extensive into the foam core you may need to seek professional repair.

Please contact Doomswell Boarding Company with any questions, concerns, or for repair.

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