10 Reasons We Can't Wait Until Summer

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It’s cold out there, folks! And we’re not happy about it.

Anyone else dreaming of wind blowing through your hair, soaking up the summer sun, and being on a boat? Show of hands. 🖐 🖐 🖐  

Because we’re counting down the days 'till we're spending endless hours wakesurfing our favorite lake, here are our top ten reasons we can’t wait until summer.


1. First of all, we’re all pasty and desperately need a tan. 

dog in swimsuit tanning


2. Ping pong just isn’t the same on solid ground.

male rider playing ping pong while wakesurfing


3. Same with eating Chinese food.

female rider in bikini eating chinese food while wakesurfing


4. It’s too cold for popsicles right now.

dog eating popsicle


5. We miss watching our friends do dumb stuff on the lake.

man watching friend flip off dock


6. Beer and burgers. Enough said.

pouring beer over burgers on a hot charcoal grill


7. Everyone loves 4th of July. 

man in american flag speedo dancing in front of fireworks


8. It’s hard to feel sassy when you’re cold.

lady tanning in chair by pool with arm floats on


9. Everyone’s happier in shorts. Sky’s out, thighs out.

several people jumping off yacht


10. Because wakesurfing is simply the best way to end a summer day.

male rider wakesurfing behind yellow boat


What are you looking forward to this summer? Let us know in the comments.

Need more reason to look forward to summer? Check out our sleek line of wakesurfers or check out our wakesurf blog.

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