10 Boat Supplies for Your Dog

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Does your dog love to be out on the boat with you?

Ours freaking love it. There’s nothing better than boat hangs with our tail-wagging, looks-really-goofy-while-swimming pup pals.

But we don’t always think about bringing along the supplies they need to stay cool, comfortable, and safe. Oops.

Good news! We’re fixing that today. Here is a list of supplies that will make a day on the lake top notch for you and your dog.

1. Life jacket. Make sure it fits properly and that it has a handle on top so you can more easily lift your dog out of the water. (We aren’t all made of muscle, know what I’m saying?)



2. Floating dog toys (for fetching and chewing). Dropping a toy overboard is all too easy to do...and those things are dang expensive to replace. Invest in a few floating toys just for the boat.

3. Dog ladder. It can be challenging for your dog to get in and out of the boat. A ladder will help her stay safe and let you rest easy.

4. Dog flag. Let others know you have a dog on board by flying a dog flag!

5. First aid kit with dog-specific additions. Be prepared in case your dog gets injured. See a first aid list here.


6. Microfiber towels. If a wet dog butt in your lap is not your favorite thing, get your pal a towel. Microfiber towels are great for sopping up water on the boat and to dry him off!

7. Floating leash. Yep, that leash can sink in a hurry! Get the floating kind...you won’t regret it.

8. Glow in the dark necklace/collar. If you love to cruise at sunset or after dark, make sure your dog has a collar that glows. Everyone’s life will be easier.

9. Collapsible dog bowl. A collapsible dog bowl is necessary for both water and food unless you want Toto lapping up lake water from the boat floor to stay hydrated. As a bonus, get a bowl that floats in case it goes overboard. (Side note: did you know you could get this many products that float??)

10. Portable dog bed. Something as simple as a foldable yoga mat-type thing will work as long as it’s padded and water resistant (heck, just get them a pool float. That way...you guessed it...it’ll float if it goes overboard.)


There are plenty of brands that offer quality boat products for your dog. Check those reviews to see which one will work best!

Did we forget something... let us know in the comments!

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