Best Mounts for Wakesurf Pictures

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You’ve purchased a GoPro, but now what? We know that wakesurfing isn’t really wakesurfing if you can’t take epic pictures. If you’re struggling to take incredible action shots to share on Instagram, here’s a list of the best places to mount your GoPro to get you started.

Before taking pictures while on the water, there are a few tips all aspiring GoPro photographers should know. Wipeouts are inevitable and to make sure you don’t lose your camera, be sure to attach a float to the GoPro and the mount. The GoPro Floaty Backdoor costs $19.99, and you can buy it here. We also recommend that you put RainX on your camera to keep those pesky water drops off your lens.

  1. Suction Cup Mount

Attach your GoPro to the back corner of your boat with the suction cup mount to capture wide-frame videos and pictures. For this particular mount, it’s essential that you purchase a float. Your GoPro’s life depends on it. The rope could shear off the suction cup mount, sending your camera tumbling to the bottom of the lake. This mount costs $39.99, and you can buy it here.

go pro suction mounts


  1. Surfboard Mount

Some of the best GoPro pictures are taken within 3-15 feet of the subject. The surfboard mount allows you to take close-range shots from a really cool angle, giving you pictures guaranteed to impress your friends. Best part? This mount only costs $19.99 and is the perfect accessory for any wakesurfer. Purchase your own here.

go pro attached to surf board mounts


  1. Wrist Mount

If you’re looking for a way to take GoPro pictures while out on the water and want to make sure that your brand new Hero 5 stays in your hand at all times, the wrist mount is for you. You can buy this bad boy for $49.99 here.



  1. Head Strap

This is perfect for wakesurfers who want to take a picture that shows their perspective from the board. Simply put the strap on your head, and you’re good to go. GoPro’s head strap also comes with a QuickClip, which allows you to attach your camera to a backward baseball cap. This mount can be yours for $19.99. For more details about this mount, visit GoPro’s website.


  1. Selfie-Stick

Yes, you can use the selfie stick you just bought to capture your next wakesurfing adventure. This mount gives you the most angle options -- you can hold it from above, behind, or out in front of you. We suggest that you also invest in something that will keep your camera afloat when you wipeout. You can purchase GoPro’s 3-in-1 mount here for $69.99. 

Now you’re set. The next time you hit the lake, bring your GoPro and a mount with you to capture jaw-dropping action shots. We want to see your photography skills, so share your pictures with us using #doomswell #wakesurfpics.  

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