Top Tips for Beginning to Wakesurf

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male rider wakesurfing at the lake on doomswell neo board

Brand new to wakesurfing? Don't worry, we will get you up on that board and shredding through waves in no time! Here are the top wake surfing tips and videos to get you started, according to Boating Magazine:  

To start off, you will need to make sure you have some key pieces of equipment to keep yourself safe. Make sure you have a true inboard boat when you are wake surfing. This ensures that you are not in any danger of coming in contact with a prop while wake surfing. Also, you will want a wakesurf line for you to hold on to; one with a braided end is better to use when wakesurfing versus a wakeboarding rope and handle. This will ensure that no one gets caught in the handle. 

1. Set up your boat properly 

Your boat's ballast should be completely full to the side of the surfer. The weight inside your boat should also compliment this, meaning if you have friends in the boat, have them sit to that side. This will help give the surfer the best wave possible.


2. Getting on the board 

Getting on the board isn't any more difficult because you are not attached. With the proper form, you should have no trouble popping right up. All you need to do is lay in the water on your back, place your heels on your board with your toes in the air. When the driver of the boat places the boat in idle, the board will push flat against your feet. Keep your arms straight and on the outsides of your knees; the boat should pull you up, not you pulling yourself up. Now once you’re standing, time to surf! 


3. Surfing on the board 

Once you're up, don't feel the need to toss the rope right away. Let the rope help you find your balance and your sweet spot on the wave. Once you are comfortable, go ahead and toss that rope either to the boat or to the other side of the wake. From here it's all about your feet. Start to feel your front foot helping you accelerate and your back foot slow you down. This motion will help you stay in the sweet spot, and keep you from getting too close to the boat or stuck back in the wave. 


4. Moving on to tricks 

Once your consistently getting up and comfortable controlling your board, you're ready to move on to some simple tricks. The simplest way to start is with some small carves with your board. Find your rhythm and get comfortable feeling the pressure of your toes controlling the board. Mastering these is really the intro to all other tricks.  

Below are some awesome wake surfing 101 videos from Boating Magazine to help you start learning. Now grab your boards and get out on the lake!




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